1           FUN

    No chance of getting bored! During the day you’ll have a lot of driving, but you’ll also have time to be involved in some water pistols battles or tyre repairs, between other VW Golf Challenge traditions.. And at night… A lot of fun and some crazy parties between the challengers coming from all around Europe that will end up being friends forever. Don’t miss it! 

    2         ADVENTURE

    Camping, orientation challenges with GPS… and without it! Driving through some of the best roads in Morocco, amazing off road tracks, and even in the dunes… A very exciting experience where you’ll get really amazed with the Golf habilites and exceptional reliability. Sign up for 1985€/car with 2 persons. It’s also possible to come alone or 3 in a car! Ask us!

    3      SOLIDARITY

    The Vw Golf Challenge by The Getaway is a non competitive raid where the most important aspect is to enjoy the whole experience. Fun, fellowship, but the most important aspect: solidarity. Every single team must bring schooll stuff, toys or clothes that you will delievery in some of the poorest areas of Morocco during the adventure. 

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